Fun Day Field Day 9th November 2008

A great gathering of 25 Cairns brought along over forty family and friends
to attend the Cairn Club Fun Day/ Field Day. Friendships were soon forged as
dogs and their handlers rallied to perform some simple obedience tasks,
demonstrate their walking on lead skills and retrieval skills.

David Brearley wowed us with a demonstration of the agility skills of his
Cairn Terrier, everyone was invited to test their Cairn's skills with much
encouragement from David and his plentiful supply of popcorn 'bait/reward'
Lunch was a welcome break from so much activity, a time to chat, then time
for farewells and thanks to everyone for such an enjoyable day,
Hope to see you next year and more who may like to come,

"Ellie" get's a hug from a young admirer

"Ellie" and her young friend sharing secrets

"Ellie" takes it all just sitting down.

Welcome lunch break for Cairn owners

Ross Ward
Ross Ward moving to share the shade

Anette's obedience
Thank you to Annette for her obedience demonstration

Richard putting his Cairn through her agility

Where's the cairn gone
We know the Cairn is down in there somewhere

Good Girl
Good girl YOU knew what to do!

Making it look easy

Making it look even easier

Little Larry
Hello, I'm Larry and pretty smart for 7 months

Participating in the obedience lesson

David demonstrating agility with his Cairn

On the mat
Well I'm on the mat

On the mat too!
Well I'm on the mat too!

More Obedience
Annette demonstrating/encouraging obedience

David and his Cairn demonstrating agility

I've mastered this bit

Still Got it
I might be older bu I can still try, Bridie



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